Following are some illustrative testimonials.

"I like the fact that Amber drives to our house for the lessons. That saves me a ton of time each week."
-Megan J., Mission Viejo 

"Voice lessons are so intimate that I wasn't comfortable having my daughter study with a man. Amber is perfect."
-Jacob M., Laguna Niguel

"Qualified female voice teachers are very difficult to find in Orange County. My teenage daughter simply loves Amber and is really responding well to her coaching."
-Bette S., Rancho Santa Margarita

"Amber has taught me everything I know about singing and I love her!"
-David G., Trabuco Canyon

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Voice-by-Amber is a voice studio located in Orange County, CA that helps train voice students who want to learn how to sing better and learn how to perform with confidence.  Singing lessons along with performance training helps music students impove their voice, gain more self confidence and perform better. Learning to sing lessons will help your voice improve. Qualified vocal instruction and good vocal training is essential in order to sing well and have a happy life.